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Local service area. Greater Seattle area.

Seattle Home Inspector

Here at 365 Pro Inspections, we are not afraid to go above and beyond for our clients. We will provide a comprehensive report outlining the major problems with a home which will allow the buying/selling process to be more seamless for all parties involved. 

User Friendly Reports

Our Home Inspection reports are designed to be user friendly, allowing you to easily navigate through the information and find important details quickly. 

Knowledgeable & Professional

At 365 Pro Inspections, we take pride in our craft. Our knowledgeable and professional team are dedicated to providing the best service possible, going above and beyond to ensure that our customers get the most accurate and detailed report possible. 

Top Notch Service & Support

We are here to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the inspection is complete.

Licensed &

We are licensed by Washington State and follow a very strict standard of practice. Continuing education is a part of our daily routine and we are constantly fine-tuning our knowledge.

Why Choose Us

Our Services Include

Satisfied Customers

"I have never been so impressed by the integrity of this gentleman !. I am in the middle of post flood repair , and felt having an independent inspector check for problems that may have been missed during remediation.  And to have an unbiased review of disparities between insurance adjustor and ServPro (who I liked very very much).
But back to John - after going over everything, he would not accept payment at this time, because he believed it to be in my best interest to have a complete pre sale inspection after repair work was completed.
Can you imagine that there are still honorable people around who don't try to grab any penny they can get their hands on.
I feel confident and reassured that I know what to look for and be aware of as this nightmare of a flood is behind me.  I so look forward to having him return for the final inspection. Thank you John!"

Meli G.

"John is very patient, kind, friendly and will happily take time to talk to you about what he sees.

We really enjoyed working with him and appreciated his responsiveness and flexibility. He also took time to actually review our request and situation, accommodating our needs. Thanks John!"

Ryan K.

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WA DOL # 21030966

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